Youth allegedly gang-raped by three accused – 08 May 2022

Suspects also recorded videos of the boy being sexually abused

A young man along with two accomplices allegedly kidnapped a boy and took him to an unknown location where the accused gangraped him and recorded the whole incident.

They also threatened to make the pictures and videos of the assault viral if he came forward about the incident. They threw the unconscious victim on the side of a road and fled after taking cash from his pockets.

Police registered a case and started searching for the accused. According to the police report, in the case registered by Muhammad Asif, a resident of Samanabad Street, it was stated that one of the accused, Usman was a supervisor at Interloop Mill where the complainant’s son, the victim, also worked.

The accused called the victim on May 3rd and told him to come to Madani Chowk Samanabad for necessary work.

Meanwhile, the accused Usman and his friends followed the victim to Redix Road, where the three suspects stopped the victim and drugged him with chloroform until he was unconscious.

The accused allegedly took the victim to an unknown location where the assault took place. During this time, the accused Usman and his accomplices allegedly gang-raped and continued to record videos and photos of the victim being sexually abused.

Eventually, the accused later left the victim on a green belt near Abdullah Bridge and threatened him that if he told anyone about the incident, the videos and pictures would be uploaded to the internet. The accused also snatched Rs2800 in cash from the victim and fled. Police registered a case against the accused Usman and his accomplices under section 365/377 TPP and started searching for them.

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