Young woman forcibly stripped in public – 03 Jun 2022

Suspects were armed, and their aim was to kidnap victim

Four armed men stripped a young woman naked in public when their attempt to kidnap her failed.

The victim had been travelling in a rickshaw with her mother when the criminals intercepted them.

The victim’s mother lodged a complaint with the Women’s Police Station in which she stated that she, along with her daughter, had been on their way to Faisal Chowk in Madinabad in a rickshaw when the accused, Imran Shah, and his accomplices, who had been in a car, intercepted their rickshaw, forced them out of the vehicle, tortured them and attempted to kidnap her daughter.

The two women managed to thwart the attempt of kidnapping. When the criminals failed to kidnap the young woman, they fled but before fleeing they stripped the young woman naked in public.

The Women Police Station registered a case under the provisions of 365B-511-354-148-149 of the PPC and started searching for the accused.

A case whose nature was as horrendous as the nature of the current case occurred in Khurrianwala in March.

A woman and her daughter were allegedly forced into marching in a bazaar in Satiana naked.

The victims, a resident of Chak No. 74 GB, registered a complaint with the then CPO of Faisalabad alleging that the accused, Amin, Nadeem and Shaukat, had broken into their house on March 14, “brutally tortured my mother … and me and struck us with gun butts and grabbed us by the hair and dragged us out of the house and into the bazaar naked and had our house occupied”.

The then CPO, Ghulam Mubashir Mekan, had issued orders to the SP of Jaranwala to act on the complaint and arrest the accused.

The victim told the police that they had been having a property dispute with the accused, and the motive behind the accused attacking them was that very dispute.

The incident happened on March 14, and one wonders how a matter of such a heinous nature remained hushed up for so many days in an era in which even the minutest of traffic violations or other such matters get reported on the social media or other forums.

The victims said that they had contacted Satiana Police Station the very day they had been subjected to such humiliation, but the perpetrators of the act, according to the victims, were so influential a people that Satiana police, instead of registering a case, indulged in delaying tactics and even attempted to make the victims reconcile with the accused.

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