Young girl held under terrorism charges – 10 Sep 2022

Complainant alleges suspect entered his house and tried to steal jewellery at gunpoint

A case was registered with the City Police Station against a young girl under the charges of robbery, terrorism and attempted murder.

The complainant is Mian Alamgir Shah. According to the FIR, the girl suspect entered his (Mian Alamgir Shah’s) house and tried to steal jewellery and cash from his wife and children at gunpoint.

However, when the complainant’s elder son appeared, the girl tried to escape, said the FIR.

However, the girl was chased and caught. A pistol was also allegedly recovered from the possession of the girl, while “a bomb-jacket” was detached and seized, according to the FIR.

The police were informed on 15, and the suspect was handed over to the police.

On the other hand, the girl’s father, Ikramullah, said in a video statement that he had family relations with Alamgir Shah, and the allegations leveled against his daughter were fake and baseless. According to him, neither his daughter had a pistol nor did she commit any crime.

He has appealed to the higher authorities to provide justice.

In this regard, the DPO of Mianwali, Muhammad Naveed Ahmed, said that the city police received an application on which a case was registered.

He said that investigations were being carried out under the supervision of the SP of Mianwali.

He said that further legal action would be taken in light of the facts.

He said that the facts that have emerged in this case were very strange and surprising.

He said that the timer recovered from the woman was a washing machine timer which had been sewn into the shirt by the accused. Regarding the pistol, the witnesses were giving conflicting statements.

He said that the case depended on whether the pistol was recovered from the woman or not.

According to the preliminary investigation, the SHO of City, Ameer Ahmad Khan, told The Express Tribune that the number of the pistol was being sent for verification.

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