Young couple allegedly murdered for ‘honour’ – 10 Jul 2022

Were allegedly tied to a tree and shot by the girl’s father

A young couple were killed over honor within the jurisdiction of Jamal Khan Darkhuwast Police Station. The girl’s father and other accused escaped, while police registered a case and started an operation.

Police said in Mohalla Pathanowala on Friday night, 20-year-old Muhammad Ijaz and his alleged paramour, Sakina Bibi, were tied to a tree by the girl’s father, Pathan Khan Lashari on suspicion of them having an illicit affair.

Both the youths were shot dead in the presence of several accomplices and others. Lashari fled with his other comrades, Muhammad Nadir and Muhammad Saleem. Ghulam Abbas, father of the slain Ijaz, says that his son was tricked into going to the house and was killed.

Upon receiving a report on the incident, DSP Kot Chatta Circle Syed Ijaz Hussain Bukhari and SHO Darkhuwast Jamal KhanJaved Iqbal reached the spot accompanied by a contingent of police and recorded statements. Case No. 79/22 was registered under Section 302-311-34 PPC on the complaint of Ghulam Abbas and raids were initiated to arrest the culprits.

This is not the first case of honour killing reported in the province. In March of this year, two siblings were killed over demanding a separation from their husbands. The victims, Spanish nationals Aneesa Abbas, 24 and Arooj Abbas, 21, were brought back to their hometown of Gujarat, where they were allegedly strangled and shot in the house of their maternal uncle, Hanif alias Goga.

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