Woman’s head forcibly shaved by husband

Incident occurs over monetary dispute between couple.

JARANWALA: In the midst of an arguments, a man allegedly tortured his wife and chopped off her hair on Saturday.  Meanwhile, six individuals were wounded in a mass brawl.

Nayi Samundari resident Shiraz had a dispute with his wife, Anila Rasool, over her refusal to give him money. Shiraz allegedly tortured her and cut her hair off with scissors. The incident was reported to authorities, who filed a report against Shiraz and launched raids to search for him. According to sources, Shiraz is a drug addict

Meanwhile, Liaqat Ali and two other suspects allegedly attacked the son of Zubair Javed with axes and injured him in 129/GB. In 100/GB, Javed and others allegedly tortured and injured Sufiyan and Akram, while two others injured Rubina Bibi in Dhanaula Chowk and Ahmed and others allegedly tortured and injured Faisal Arshad in 74/GB.

In 53/GB, Maqsood Ahmed allegedly injured Aamir on Jaranwala Road because he was pursuing a criminal case. Similarly, Kashif, known as Kashi allegedly shot and injured Ahsan during the land takeover.

Unfortunately, acts of violence and humiliation against women remain commonplace across Punjab. In a very high-profile case in August of last year, police had arrested six people accused of kidnapping Khadija and her brother and subjecting them to torture.

Khadija had filed a case in which she stated that Ana Ali, daughter of accused Danish Ali, a resident of Sheikhupura, was a friend of hers since their school days and she (the complainant) often visited her house.

The complainant had alleged that during these visits the accused Danish Ali started taking interest in her and even formally sent a proposal which she rejected.

Khadija in her complainant had alleged that after she had rejected the proposal, the accused, through his daughter began to pressure her into changing her mind and accepting the proposal.

The complainant had alleged that the accused had even begun to send her death threats. After those threats, the complainant said that she decided that from now on she would have nothing to do with her friend and her family.

The complainant alleged that on August 9, when her brother, Hasan Ghafoor Ali, who had come from England, and his friends, Malik Ali Awan, Ali Alvi and she herself were at home, accused Sheikh Danish Ali, his daughter and Faizan, Shoaib and Khan Muhammad barged into their house and started torturing her and her brother at gunpoint.

Khadija had alleged in her complaint that the accused then kidnapped her brother and herself and took them to their residence.

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