Woman’s body found hanging from ceiling fan – 21 May 2022

Victim’s father accuses son-in-law of killing his daughter, granddaughter

A man had lodged a complaint with the Khurrianwala Police Station in which he alleged that his daughter and granddaughter were killed by her husband and in-laws.

The complainant, Allah Dutta, in his complaint told the police that his daughter, Tahira Batool, had been married to accused Abbas two-and-a-half years ago.

The couple had a nine-month-old baby daughter, Inaya Fatima.

His daughter Tahira Batool came back to his house because of domestic violence by her in-laws.

Later, she went back to her in-laws in Ghousia Colony, Kharrianwala, and “I received the news of the death of my daughter, Tahira Batool, along with her daughter, Inaya Fatima, at her in-law’s house. When we went there, I saw my daughter hanging from a ceiling fan with a rope around my daughter’s neck”.

He said that his granddaughter Inaya Fatima’s body had also been lying nearby.

“My daughter and granddaughter have been killed by the accused Sardar, Abbas and Zubaida Bibi,” the complainant alleged.

Kharrianwala Police Station registered a case under the provision of 302 of the PPC and started searching for the accused.

The province has witnessed many cases in which women were subjected to domestic violence and sexual assault.

A man along with his family members had allegedly killed his wife by hanging her with a ceiling fan in Chak Jhumra in January this year.

Police took the body into custody for medical formalities and registered a case against the suspect and his family members.

The complainant Mushtaq Ahmed, son of Nazir, a resident of Chak No 132 RB Sahuwala Abadi, Jhumra Road, told police that his daughter, Sajida, had gotten married to suspect Mohsin Ali eight years ago.

The complainant told the police that Mohsin used to fight and beat his daughter due to which his daughter left her husband’s home and filed a divorce suit in the court.

He said that his daughter and her husband reconciled about a year later and started living happily, but on the day of the incident, the suspect Mohsin, along with his mother Bilqis, father Tariq, sisters Safia and Lubna, tortured his daughter and killed her by hanging her with a fan over resentment over filing a divorce case.

The police registered a case against the suspect under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and started raids to arrest the central suspect and his family members.

In December last year, a man had allegedly axed his wife to death over a domestic dispute in Jaranwala.

Reportedly, Sonia Bibi, sister of Shehzad Ahmed, a resident of Chak No. 109 GB, Jaranwala, was fatally injured by her husband Irfan by striking her with an axe over a domestic dispute.

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