Woman, two minor daughters burnt alive in house fire

BAHAWALNAGAR: A woman and her two minor daughters were burnt alive on Monday in a fire allegedly erupting in their bedroom because of gas leakage from a geyser installed in the attached bathroom at Minchinabad.

District Officer (Emergency) Rao Sharafat told said Hira Tariq, 32, was asleep in her bedroom with her daughters, Hareem Fatima (2) and Palwasha (5), when the room got engulfed in flames.

He said the gas leaked from a geyser installed in the attached bathroom, that was supplied gas through a pipe from a cylinder placed outside.

He said the gas started accumulating in the bedroom where the mother and daughters were asleep, as there was no ventilation.

The fire erupted because of an electric heater burning in the bedroom, he added.

Mr Rao said that the Rescue team tried to shift the burnt bodies to the hospital, but the owner of the house, Mohammad Tariq, and other family members refused to autopsy.

Later, the deceased were buried in a local graveyard. — Correspondent