Woman suffers miscarriage during armed robbery – 07 Mar 2023

KHYBER: A pregnant woman had a miscarriage when three robbers subjected her and her husband to torture before robbing them of cash in Tirah valley on Monday, the police said.

They said Zar Madin of Takhtaki area was taking his wife to a private clinic in a nearby locality when they were intercepted by armed robbers. The police said robbers subjected the couple to torture when Zar Madin put up resistance. Robbers then snatched Rs70,000 cash and mobile phone from Zar Madin and escaped the scene.

Zar Madin reported the matter to the police, who acted promptly and arrested one of the robbers within hours of the incident.

Later, the police also arrested two more culprits, one of them a local policeman, who connived in the robbery incident. A case was registered against them.

Meanwhile, one person was killed and another injured when rival groups exchanged fire in Malagori area of Jamrud on Monday evening.

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