Woman ‘strangled’ to death by in-laws

Victim’s sister, uncle claim to be eyewitnesses of gruesome murder.

JARANWALA: A woman was allegedly killed at the hands of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, who strangled her to death in the midst of a domestic dispute. Following retrieval of the body, police registered a case against the victim’s mother-in-law, sister-in-law and two other accused and started raids to locate them.

As per the police report, Chak No. 655 GB resident Samir Ali reported that his sister, Sanam Naz, had been married to Waqas Amin for five months and was expecting a child. However, following the termination of her pregnancy, her mother-in-law Najma Bibi contacted Sanam Naz’s sister, Sahar Bibi, insisting that she be taken back to her parents’ home. Threats were made, warning of dire consequences if Sanam Naz was not taken home.

Subsequently, during a domestic dispute, Najma Bibi, in collaboration with her daughter Tanzeela Amin, allegedly killed Naz by tying a noose around her neck and strangling her while she was restrained on the bed. When the deceased’s sister Sahar Bibi and uncle Abdul Ghafoor arrived at the house, they found the room’s door closed. Tanzeela was found pulling a ligature around Naz’s neck. Upon discovery, the assailants attacked Sahar Bibi and Abdul Ghafoor with sticks before fleeing the scene.

Upon securing the area, Saddar Jaranwala Police took possession of the deceased’s body and registered a case under sections 302-109/34 of the Criminal Code.

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