Woman shot, injured by robber

ISLAMABAD: A woman was shot and injured by a robber about a kilometre away from a police station in the capital, police said on Tuesday.

The incident took place at Gulberg Green Residencia where Talat Saeed and his wife Lubna Tabassum had gone for shopping. Police said Mr Saeed went inside a pharmacy after shopping while his wife was sitting outside a mall.

In the meantime, a motorcycle rider held the woman at gunpoint and snatched herpurse and alsoñred ather.As a result, she sustained a bullet injury to her hand.

Hearing the gunshot, people from the nearby areas rushed towards her and tried to catch the robber and one of them succeeded in taking back the woman`s purse. However, the robber escaped.

The woman was shifted to hospital for medical assistance. The Koral police registered a case against the unidentified robber in response to a complaint lodged by Ms Tabassum. Staf f reporter

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