Woman ‘raped’ by cousin, accomplice in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: A 21-year-old woman was allegedly kidnapped by her cousin and his friend and later raped in the R.A. Bazaar area.

The victim’s father lodged an FIR with the R.A. Bazaar police, in which he stated that he resided in Ahmadabad with his family, which included three children.

He said he was at home when his nephew came to his house at 9pm on Saturday night and asked him to send his daughter with him as his mother was calling her. He said after his daughter did not return, he got worried and went to the suspect’s house, but was informed that he was not home.

He said his daughter returned home after midnight on Sunday sobbing and in distress. On inquiry, she informed him that her cousin forced her into a car in which another man was already sitting.

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