Woman killed over marriage dispute

Sister, cop injured; one held, two accomplices escape.

KARACHI: In a shocking incident, a young woman lost her life, her sister and a police officer sustained injuries during a violent clash over a marriage proposal in Shah Latif Town. One of the suspects was immediately taken into custody while the search for his two accomplices is ongoing.

As per details, the suspect in custody, identified as Tahir Ibrahim, accompanied by two accomplices, forcibly entered a residence in Shah Latif Town, where they opened fire on Asma, her sister Noreen, and police officer Mehboob and fled from the scene. According to a spokesperson from the Malir police, evidence indicates a personal animosity as a motive behind the attack.

The victims were quickly rushed to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), where 35-year-old Asia Abdullah, also known as Asma, a matchmaker by profession, died while her sister Noreen, aged 30, and Mehboob Khan, aged 44, are under treatment. Khan is posted at the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Sindh police.

The tragic turn of the event was set in motion by Asma’s involvement in arranging her sister Noreen’s marriage proposal to Nadir. Nadir did not know that Asma had already arranged Noreen’s wedding with another man, and her Mayon ceremony was underway when Nadir confronted the family. A heated argument ensued, culminating in Nadir opening fire.

As a result, Asma tragically lost her life, succumbing to gunshot wounds in her hand and chest. Mehboob and Noreen suffered injuries to their hand, feet, and chest, respectively. Nadir managed to escape from the scene. Police investigators found six spent bullet casings from the scene and initiated an inquiry into the incident. Raids are underway to apprehend the other suspects.

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