Woman found dead at parents’ house

RAWALPINDI: A woman was found murdered at her parents’ house in Allahabad Westridge-III on Tuesday.

Zafar Mehmood, in an FIR registered with Westridge police, said he owned a shop in the area and that his brother, Mohammad Liaquat, and his family had gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, leaving behind his niece, Sonia Kanwal.

He said his niece had been married to Mohammad Idris for the last seven years and had two sons. He alleged that Sonia had returned to her parents’ house after being tortured by her husband and in-laws and had filed a case in the court.

He further said that Sonia’s husband and in-laws used to threaten her.

He said he went to check up on Sonia and found the main door of her house open, adding that he called for his niece but got no response. When he entered the room, he found his niece lying dead on a bed, with marks on her face and around her neck.

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