Woman creates ruckus at police station – 19 Dec 2022

Abducted girl’s mother attempts suicide over alleged police non-cooperation

On non-cooperation in the case of daughter’s abduction, mother of the abducted girl tried to commit suicide by butting her head against a glass window in one of the offices of the police station.

Police registered a case and arrested the woman.

According to the police report, Zainab Fatima had been allegedly kidnapped on December 10. A case was registered with the Ghulam Mohammadabad Police Station.

Due to alleged non-cooperation by the police in this case, Bindia Malik, the mother of the kidnapped girl, stormed into the SHO’s room, using very vulgar language.

When the SHO tried to explain the matter to her, Bindia Malik got angrier and banged her head into the glass window of the office, breaking the glass.

When one of the police constables sitting in the room tried to stop her from hurting herself, she grabbed the constable’s shirt and tried to tear it apart.

The police later called a woman constable, Firdous, who had Bindia Malik locked up behind bars.

According to SHO Khawaja Imran Mannan, Zainab Fatima, the daughter of Bindia Malik, had gone to the district magistrate’s court where she had her statement recorded.

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