Woman arrested for killing husband – 03 Mar 2023

Complainant had also submitted an application with the missing persons’ commission

A woman was arrested on charges of killing her husband.

Shafiullah had gone missing in 2021. On July 21, 2021, Mohammad Akbar had submitted an application with the police stating that on July 19, someone had knocked at the door of their house. He said that his nephew, Shafiullah, went to the door to see who was there, and then he was kidnapped.

A case had been registered by the Sadar Police Station.

The complainant had also submitted an application with the missing persons’ commission.

The police arrested the wife of the deceased, Musarrat Shaheen, and her brother, Shafiullah Khan, as well as Khursheed.

Police alleged that the suspects revealed that they had killed Shafiullah with a hammer and threw his body in a canal.

After contacting Kundian police station, Shafiullah’s body was exhumed from his grave for legal formalities.

In a separate case, police arrested M Naseer and M Faraz. They are accused of killing a trader Shafiullah Khan Afghani.

The case of the murder had been registered by Chakrrala Police Station. The CIA staff solved the puzzle of the blind murder after seven months of hard work.

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