Woman allegedly raped, kept in confinement – 15 Jun 2022

Complainant tells police she befriended suspect through social media three years ago

Yet another case has come to light in which a young woman got trapped in a relationship with an alleged sexual predator who allegedly exploited her and did her a lot of harm.

The alleged victim, nevertheless, managed to contact the police and get a case registered against the accused.

According to the police, the complainant told Razaabad police that she had befriended Azan Ali, a resident of Street No. 16 of Mohalla Razaabad, through a social media three years ago.

The complainant said that the accused lied to her that he lived and worked in Saudi Arabia.

She said that the accused kept in touch with her through the social media for three years, and then one day he asked her to come to the town where he kept her in a rented house in Mohalla Razaabad near Pinnu Chowk for about a month and allegedly subjected her to sexual abuse.

The complainant said that she got pregnant, and the accused allegedly made her abort her pregnancy, brought her to Thikriwala to his partner who kept her there for a week and also abused her.

She alleged that whenever she asked for marriage, the accused beat her up ruthlessly.

Police registered a case against the accused under Section 376 of the PPC and started raids for his arrest.

Two women were allegedly sexually assaulted in Thikriwala on May 30.

After registering cases, police started conducting raids to arrest the accused.

According to the police report, one of the victims, who is a widow, stated in the case filed by her that she suffered from hepatitis and went to a dispensary in Bernala to get medicines when the accused, Zafar Ali and Ali Ahmed, called her under the pretext of giving her medicines and took the key of a room at the hospital from one of the hospital employees and made her sit in the room.

Shortly afterwards, the accused entered the room and took turns in sexually assaulting her.

In the other case the complainant told the police that accused Manzoor Ahmed found his sister alone at house and raped her at gunpoint.

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