Woman allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint – 06 Jul 2022

Victim said to have been subjected to cruelty by suspects intruding into her house late at night

Three unidentified men allegedly gang-raped a woman at gunpoint.

The complainant in the case, a resident of 233 RB Samundari Road, stated in his case registered with the police that three unidentified armed men wearing masks climbed over the wall of his house late at night when all of them had been asleep. The intruders tiptoed into the room of his 29-year-old sister and forced her into the next room where they allegedly raped her.

The accused had been wearing masks therefore his sister could not say anything about their identity.

Police were investigating into the incident.

In March this year, three men allegedly gang-raped a widow in Khurrianwala.

According to the police report, the victim stated in the case she had registered with the police that accused Emad and Samar Ali allegedly visited the house in 203RB Mananwala where she had been working as a live-in maid and told her that they had found a better employment opportunity for her at the house of a relation of theirs. The victim finding the new job offer more enticing agreed to accompany the accused.

Instead of taking her to her “new employer”, the accused took her to a house in Baowala, where an unknown suspect had already been present.

The complainant alleged that the accused gang-raped her at gunpoint in that house.

According to the victim, the accused struck her with the butt of a gun every time she made an attempt to escape from their captivity

Upon the filing of the report by the complainant, the Jhang Bazaar Police Station registered a case against the two named and one unidentified accused and started raids to arrest them.

Less than a week ago, a 25-year-old woman who had had a case registered in Gujrat alleging that she had been gang-raped in several cities seems to have gone into hiding.

According to the DPO of Gujrat, Ataur Rehman, after they had registered the case, they advised the alleged victim to go to the Darul Aman, but she declined the police offer and left with her lawyers.

After the case was registered, the woman turned off her phone and went into hiding. Police were constantly trying to contact her, said the DPO.

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