Widow tortured by brothers-in-law over land row – 01 Jun 2023

MUZFFARGARH: Three men allegedly tortured their widowed sister-inlaw (brother`s wife) over a land dispute at Mauza Binda Ishaq Basti Jhabeel in Jatoi tehsil here on Wednesday.

Reports said Faiz Bakhsh along with his brothers Sadiq Hussain and Khadim Hussain razed the wall of house of their sister-in-law Salamat Mai, allegedly tortured her and tore her clothes and manged their escape.

Speaking to the media, the victim said she contacted 15 helpline but police came after she approached the IG office, Lahore. She alleged that her brother-inlaw Faiz wanted to marry her to grab her property.

Shehr Sultan Station House Officer Shahid Rizwan Mahota said police were raidingto arrest the suspects.

MISSING: Two students went missing on way to school here on Tuesday.

Complainant Liaqat Hussain, a resident of Karmad Qureshi, said his 12-year-old son Muhammad Haseeb along with his friend Muhammad Jameel (13), son of Ghulam Shabbir, left home at 7am but did not reach school.

The Chowk Kram Dad Qureshi SHO said police have received complaint from the parents and his team is looking into the matter.

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