Water crisis in Pakistan – 08 Jun 2022

The need of the hour is to switch to sustainable ways of living and introduce transformative actions and techniques

Pakistan is experiencing devastating environmental issues such as air pollution, deforestation, climate change, water scarcity, and loss of biodiversity.

In an era of advancement, everyone knows of the problems being faced. But I question how many of us are actually working toward it! Are we all playing our part in protecting Mother Earth? Are we making any efforts to conserve the depleting resources?

Are we not guilty? Yes, we are! The need of the hour is to switch to sustainable ways of living and introduce transformative actions and techniques. A collective effort is required on behalf of the governmental organisations, NGOS, civil societies and local communities to curb the deteriorating impact on environment.

Water scarcity is a gargantuan problem. The Indus River is the ‘lifeline’ of Pakistan. It provides for almost 300 million people and the water required for agriculture, industrial use, energy production and human consumption. However, the river is being negatively impacted by rising temperatures, changes in weather patterns, reduced flows, habitual destruction and pollution.

In Lahore, almost 600 tubewells have been installed and 40 billion cubics are used every day which means a lot of water is wasted.

Karachi, a cosmopolitan city, is the ideal example of a polluted city. From sewage and drainage to the dirty public beaches and the infinite number of cars emitting smoke is resulting in air pollution. The massive infrastructure developed over the last 15 years or so has wiped out green spaces, hence leaving a desert-like condition where there is only a mirage of water but no water.

Climate change is perhaps the cause of all environmental issues. But something is also causing climate change. The answer is simple. It is human interference that is resulting in destroying the planet. The reckless exploitation of resources on behalf of humankind is causing unrest on Gaia.

The masses are literally tearing at each other. There is no water even to drink, let alone shower.

Life has become a hellfire for the masses. They drink from the coolers installed in the park, rest under the shade of the few trees left and shower in canals to get relief from the surging waves of heat.

Does this not imply how necessary it is to save water! Water is the essential ingredient to flourish in nature. Be it mankind, animals, plants, and insects all need water to survive. Without water, there will be no life on earth.

Water is the key to sustenance. All life will thrive only if there is water. It has a healing property.

Air pollution is the next biggest threat to the planet. The primary causes are transport and tobacco. Tobacco companies have a massive business. The sale of cigarettes is reaching alarming heights. Trees are being cut down to produce cigarettes. Moreover, they are hazardous to human health and are resulting in allergies and diseases such as asthma, lung cancer.

The smoke emitting vehicles have similar effects. However, where it is a necessity to have more than two cars in a family, it can only be addressed to use them economically so as to conserve petrol and simultaneously not sacrificing your needs.

Deforestation is also a cause for concern. Recently a wildfire broke out in Swat town of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa destroying the forest completely. The cause of the fire is of course human intervention. A lit cigarette was thrown here and there or an unextinguished bonfire.

Trees are vital to keeping the ecosystem running. The ecosystem works in a domino effect. Hence, there is nothing useless. Everything is there for a purpose.

To conclude, it is essential to invest in nature-friendly techniques. Introducing ways to sync nature with the urban is the answer to our problems.

Heal the world, so that the planet is inhabitable by all species, for the earth will take its revenge if tampered with. So don’t mess with nature!

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