‘Use modern technology for recovery of missing journalist’

LAHORE: An important meeting was held under the leadership of Additional IG Operations Shehzada Sultan at the Central Police Office as per direction of IG Dr Usman Anwar regarding the disappearance of citizen Imran Riaz. Additional IG Operations directed the full use of modern technology in addition to traditional methods for the recovery of Imran Riaz. He said that in the light of orders by High Court, all available resources are being used for recovery of missing citizen.

The CTD was instructed to conduct a search operation in different areas for the recovery of Imran Riaz on the basis of the information received from various sources. The intelligence should be made more active, the Special Branch should provide full support to other agencies in the recovery of the missing citizen. Additional IG Operations added that the working group is in constant and close contact with the Ministry of Defence regarding the search for the journalist. All members of the working group and representatives of sensitive institutions also participated in the meeting and informed about the efforts and progress made by CTD, Special Branch and other related institutions in this regard.

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