Under-trial prisoner escapes from prison van – 09 Feb 2023

ISLAMABAD: An under-trial prisoner (UTP) escaped from an overcrowded prison van, Dawn has learnt.

An officer of the capital police said the van was bringing prisoners to the capital`s lower court in F-8 from Adiala jail.

The fugitive was accused of robbery and was being brought to lower court for trial along with other prisoners, he said, adding but, he was found disappeared when the UTPs were counted after reaching the courts.

Upon inquiry, other prisoners told the prison guard that the prisoner escaped from a hole in the floor of the van, the officer said, adding a case has been registered with Margalla police under sections 223 and 224 along with 155 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) by police officers.

It is the responsibility of the MT unit and offic-ers of logistics division to fix and repair these prison vans, the officers said, adding that the officer concerned gave vehicles with rusting floors to the team of police security guard to transport the UTPs for a round trip to courts from jail.

The officers who did not repair these vans are responsible for the UTP`s escape. However, a case has been registered against the ASI, the team member of the police security guard, he added. According to the first information report (FIR), a team of police security guards reached to Adiala jail and took custody of 30 UTPs. The prisoner who escaped was arrested by Koral police, it added.

Later, the UTPs were taken to District and Sessions Court Islamabad in a vehicle (registration number GV213), the FIR said, adding that after reaching courts the UTPs were disembarked from the vehicle and one of them was found missing.

During inquiry, it was revealed that the prisoner had escaped on Johar Road F-8, it added.

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