Uncle, aunt main suspects in boy`s kidnap incident

OKARA: Police have declared the maternal uncle and aunt as the main suspects in the ransom kidnapping incident of a grade six student from the Government Sutlej Boys High School, South City, on GT Road, which occurred on Wednesday.

When Atif did not return home, his widow mother Naseer Nar reported him missing to City-B division police.

The same day, a caller informed Atif`s mother about the kidnapping, demanding Rs400,000 as ransom, threatening to shift the victim to Peshawar if the demand was not met. This threat was repeated three times.

The suspects released the minor on the same day, fleeing the scene.

However, the police traced the suspects, iden-tified as Farhat Bibi (maternal aunt) and maternal uncle Israr Baig.

The police registered a case based on the report from Atif`s mother.

The suspects are currently under investigation.

RAID: In line with the one-dish policy of the Marriage Functions (MF) Act until Nov 16, the administration of the three tehsils in the districtOkara, Dipalpur, and Renala detected 334 violations during the inspection of venues hosting marriage functions.

These violations, which include non-compliance with the one-dish policy and timings stipulated by the Act, resulted in a total fine of Rs8.46 million imposed on the violators.

In Dipalpur, a marriage hall owner faced legal action under the MF Act for ignoring repeated warnings from the administration.

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