Two women found involved in `getting their husbands killed by friends` – 11 Feb 2023

SUKKUR/LARKANA: Two similar murder cases were resolved on Friday when suspected killers were arrested and allegedly confessed to have killed their victims on the instigation and with the active support of their respective wives.

On Wednesday night, the Sukkur police had received information that armed bike riders intercepted a car near Gate-1 of the township area along National Highway and shot dead its driver. The people who reported the matter to the police said that three women were accompanying him but none was wounded in the firing. The assailants drove away after committing the crime.

The police rushed to the speci-fied place and collected the body. The victim was later identified as Jami Indhar. One of the two women, who happened to be his wife (name not disclosed), told the police that the suspects seemed to be muggers who shot deadIndharoverresistance.

During an investigation into the incident, officials at the Airport police station of Sukkkur said that they used modern technology, call data record and other means to reach the killers.

A spokesperson for the Sukkur police said that after being satisfied that it was a preplanned murder, a police team conducted a raid in a locality of Ghotki district and picked up Shahrukh Indhar, a resident of Pannu Agil. `The crime weapon was seized from him,` said the spokesperson.When the suspect was interrogated, he disclosed that he and Jami Indhar`s wife were in love and they planned to kill him.

`She kept me informed about their (the family`s) travel plan.

She remained in touch with me all the time during their travel from Shikarpur to Sukkur on Wednesday evening. She told me that she will manage to get the car stopped at the Gate-1 of the township on some pretext. I drove up to the place where the car was stopped, and quarreled with Jami Indhar to make the two other women present in the car to pretend that I am a mugger. I then shot him and fled, the police investigator quoted Shahrukh as revealing.

The spokesperson said that a team along with some women personnelhad been sent to the home of Jami Indhar inShikarpur to pick up the women who were reportedly travelling with the victim.

A video that went viral on the social media, showed Shahrukh speaking to some people about his crime and declaring that he was in love with Jami`s wife and that she kept updating him about the car`s movement.

In Larkana district, the Bakrani police resolved a blind murder case by arresting a woman, Fehmida Memon, and two other suspects, Shahzado Bugti and Ghulam Shabbir Dero.

Police investigators moved into action after a man`s body stuffed in a gunny bag was fished out from a pond within the jurisdiction of the Bakrani police station on Feb 2.

The victim was later identified as Khadim Hussain Memon, a resident of Sachal Colony.Larkana SSP Dr Mohammed Imran constituted an investigation team, headed by the Bakrani SHO, to resolve the blind murder case.

The team using modern technology finally reached the suspected killers on Friday.

According to preliminary investigation, Fehmida Memon had strained relations with her husband, Khadim Memon, over some domestic issues and she planned to get him killed by Shahzado Bugti and Ghulam Qadir Dero.

A spokesman for the Larkana range police said that the suspects confessed to their crime during interrogation and were arrested. He said the male suspects killed KhadimMemon and packed the body in a gunny bag.

It was later thrown in the pond, he added

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