Two sisters allegedly raped, blackmailed

Suspect was a ‘friend’ of victims’ father.

KURIANWALA: Two sisters and an eight-year-old child were allegedly raped.

A resident of Chak 72/JB Gulali, Bushra Bibi, reported the incident to the police, and it has been determined that the accused, Ashfaq, took a shop on rent from his brother-in-law and set up a clinic in it.

The accused used to come to her home due to his friendship with her husband.

As a result, the accused took advantage of the situation and had illicit connections with her daughters. He sexually assaulted her younger daughter for two years.

When she married four months ago, he started blackmailing her, saying, “You should maintain relations with me otherwise I will tell your younger sister’s husband about his wife’s relations.”

The victim got scared and fell into the trap. Then the accused, Ashfaq, also sexually assaulted the victim at different times.

The victim told the entire situation to her parents. The accused humiliated and assaulted her daughters.

Thikriwala Police registered a case under Section 376 of the PPC and started raids to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, the eight-year-old son of Allah Wasayah was allegedly lured and sexually assaulted by Ayub. Police started the search for the accused by taking action under 376 PPC.

A few days ago, a girl was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped in Khurrianwala, police had said.

The suspects threw their victim in a state of unconsciousness and escaped, they said. Some people had her shifted to a hospital. Sargodha Road Police started raids for arrests of suspects after registering a case.

According to the police report, the complainant, a sister of the victim, told the police that she had been at her father’s house with her sisters. The complainant alleged that the suspects arrived in their house. One of them had been armed.

The complainant told the police that when the suspects tried to kidnap her sister, the household members gathered round her in order to protect her.

She said that they backed off when the suspects pointed a gun at them and then the suspects kidnapped her sister.

The complainant said that the suspects allegedly gang-raped her and later they threw her on the Divide Road unconscious.

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