Two men ‘commit suicide’ – 18 Jan 2023

Police say the deceased took extreme steps due to domestic disputes

Fed up with domestic disputes, two men allegedly committed suicide, police said.

They said that one of the men hung himself and the other shot himself dead.

Police handed over both the bodies to their relatives.

Usman, 22, a resident of 74 JB, shot himself in the head over some domestic dispute.

He was shifted to the Allied Hospital by the rescue team where he died of his injuries.

Yusuf, 22, a resident of Jardanwala Road, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan over domestic dispute.

The police shifted the body of the deceased to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a man turned himself in to the police after shooting dead a youth over a business dispute in the Eden Gardens.

According to the police, the suspect, Shaikh Mohsin Hasan, a resident of Razaabad, went to meet Umar Zaman, a resident of Eden Gardens with whom he had a dispute over a business transaction.

During the meeting, Mohsin shot Umar, who died on the spot.

The police were informed about the incident, following which DSP Malik Tariq of People’s Colony, SHO Waheed Shahid of Madina Town and other officials arrived at the scene.

The body was taken to a hospital for postmortem examination.

In December last year, a government schoolteacher had committed suicide in the school’s premises in Chichawatni.

According to the CEO of Education of Sahiwal, Muhammad Saeed, Farrukh Chaudhry, a resident of 175/9-L, had been posted at the Government Boys High School 8/11L.

Farrukh Chaudhry had been suffering from a mental illness for a long time and was on medication.

On the day of the incident, when the school’s guard was going to the mosque for offering prayers, he kept his official gun in the school’s store, locked the room and left its keys with one of the school’s clerks.

Seeing an opportunity to carry out his plan, Farrukh Chaudhry asked the school clerk for the keys to the store on a false pretext.

The clerk got deceived by Farrukh’s ruse and handed him the store keys and went for offering prayers himself.

Farrukh Chaudhry went to the store, grabbed the gun and shot himself.

Farrukh had been on medication for the last six years.

He left behind a wife, three sons and a daughter.

As soon as the incident was reported, the DSP of Chichawatni, Sajid Mehmood Gondal, and the SHO of Ghaziabad Police Station, Umar Daraz, immediately reached the spot and started their investigations.

The police shifted Farrukh’s body to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital of Chichawatni for postmortem.

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