Two killed ‘in name of honour’ – 11 Feb 2023

Victims had escaped to Karachi to get married but were traced by their kin

A youth and his teenage cousin who had fled to Karachi to get married but were duped by the girl’s family to return to their hometown were killed separately allegedly by the girl’s family in the name of honour, police said.

Police alleged that the girl’s father and brothers first killed the boy and then two days later they also killed their girl.

Police said that the youth’s body had been thrown into a canal.

The DPO took notice of the incident and ordered the SHO of Sadar Police Station, Maher Ismail, to open investigations into the case.

DPO Mansoor Aman told The Express Tribune that the accused, Haider, had allegedly confessed to killing his nephew, Sabir.

Police quoted the accused as having told them that he had thrown Sabir’s body into a canal.

The police were searching for the body with the help from Rescue 1122.

Police, while giving details of the incident of honour killing, said that the 15-year-old girl, a resident of Chak No 4/1, had fallen in love with her cousin, Sabir, who was 10 years senior to her. Sabir, too, had been interested in his cousin.

They had escaped to Karachi to get married. The girl’s father somehow learnt about their being in Karachi. He, along with his sons, went to Karachi and asked his daughter and nephew that they had no objection over their wanting to get married and that they should accompany them back to their hometown.

The youth and his teenage cousin fell for it and accompanied their kin back to their hometown, not having an inkling of what their kin had planned for them.

As soon as they got back, the accused allegedly killed his nephew and threw his body into the Lower Bari Do Aab canal.

Two days later, he allegedly killed his daughter as well and hid her body in a sack and left it on the bank of a canal in a nearby village.

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