Two killed for honour in Rawalpindi

Accused, identified as Usman Ahmed, remains at large.

RAWALPINDI: In a tragic incident, a man shot his newlywed sister and her father-in-law dead for entering a love marriage against her family’s wishes in the Sohal area, within the jurisdiction of Chontra police station.

According to a spokesperson for the police, the bride’s husband also sustained gunshot injuries during the attack. The unfortunate incident occurred just 25 days after the marriage of the deceased.

The spokesperson also said the accused, identified as Usman Ahmed, remains at large.

Aziz Khalid, who was injured in the shooting, recorded his statement with the police from the hospital. He revealed that on the night of September 22, Usman Ahmed, his brother-in-law, arrived at their residence and invited them to dinner.

When they declined the invitation, Usman implored Khalid Mehmood, Aziz Khalid’s father, who was later killed in the incident, to join them. The entire family agreed and accompanied Usman. However, upon reaching Bedan stop at approximately 9:45pm, Usman brandished a pistol and declared his intention to take revenge for his sister’s marriage. He opened fire, leading to his sister and her father-in-law’s immediate demise.

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