Two-day Adab Festival opens Nov 26 – 18 Nov 2022

Theme of festival is in line with mission of Habib University, which is working for the protection of the ecosystem

The 4th Adab (Literature) Festival will be held at the Frere Hall, Karachi, on November 26 and 27. Founder and Director of Adab Festival Amina Syed, Director of Adab Festival Shama Askari, Deputy Director of British Council Pakistan and President of Habib University Wasif Rizvi officially announced the schedule of the festival at a crowded press conference on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Amina Syed thanked Karachi administrator, commissioner, British Council, and all partners for their cooperation in the conduct of the event.

She mentioned, “The theme of this year’s festival is “climate crisis”. Maria Rehman, Deputy Director of the British Council said, “We are well aware that Pakistan is currently on the brink of a climate crisis.

In the current situation, it is imperative that the bulk of our youth population plays their due role to offer long-term solutions to this global challenge.

President Habib University Wasif Rizvi said, “Extreme weather conditions including devastating rains, deadly floods, droughts and heat waves have made unimaginable catastrophe a living reality for the people in Pakistan.

The theme of the festival is in line with the mission of Habib University, which is working for the protection of the ecosystem. Hence, we are happy to play our part by partnering with the Adab Festival.”

About 100 speakers and artists will participate in the festival. Many books will also be launched on this occasion. It may be mentioned that a separate section will be reserved for children in the festival, where children will be encouraged to read through storytelling, music and different performances.

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