Two allegedly raped in Rawalpindi – 13 Jun 2022

RAWALPINDI: Two girls were allegedly raped in separate incidents in the city, police said.

One of the victims (19) is a student who works in a labor atory in Saddar.

She informed Race Course police that on Saturday, she went to the laboratory to collect her student card from a friend.

She said later they went to a house located on Anam Street where he allegedly raped her.

A police spokesman said after the incident was reported, the suspect was detained whereas the victim was shif ted to the hospital for medical examination.

The second incident was reporte d to Dhamial police by the mother of the victim.

She told police that her daughter, 15, went to the market to buy some grocery on Friday when some persons dragged herinto a car and sped away.

The three suspects took her daughter to an underconstruction house where one of them raped her.

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