Triple murder over property shocks Bhakkar

Man kills mother, sister, brother-in-law, dumps bodies in canal.

BHAKKAR: A man allegedly killed his mother, sister and brother-in-law and dumped their bodies in a canal.

The body of suspect’s mother had been recovered while search for the bodies of sister and brother-in-law was on.

The suspect had been arrested. Police said the suspect had allegedly strangled his mother, stabbed his sister and shot his brother-in-law dead.

The motive behind the murders was said to be a dispute over some property.

Police claimed that the suspect, Rana Akram, a resident of Chamni Mohalla, after killing his kin, squeezed their bodies in his car and drove to a canal in Leh district where he dumped those bodies.

The DPO of Bhakkar, Muhammad Naveed Qureshi, took immediate notice of the triple-murder incident within the limits of the City Police Station of Bhakkar. Upon receiving information about the incident, the SP (Investigation), along with the SHO of the City Police Station of Bhakkar, and a police team arrived at the crime scene. A team of forensic experts collected pieces of evidence and sent them to the laboratory.

The City Police Station registered a case against Rana Akram and three unknown suspects on the complaint filed by a brother of Asim (suspect’s brother-in-law).


Under the directives of the DPO of Bhakkar, Muhammad Naveed, police carried out various operations targeting motorcycle and rickshaw robbers.

During those operations, police claimed to have busted five “gangs of robbers” and allegedly recovered 132 motorcycles and two rickshaws from possession of the suspects.

Bhakkar Police team consisting of the Circle Officers, the SHOs and the in charge of the AVLC, Najeebullah, employed a combination of modern technology and traditional methods to dismantle various “gangs” of “motorcycle thieves”.

Following the arrests of the suspects and the recovery of the motorcycles, a ceremony was held at the office of the DPO of Bhakkar during which the stolen vehicles were handed over to their original owners.

People were overjoyed when they got their motorcycles back.

Reiterating the commitment of the police department to public safety, DPO Muhammad Naveed highlighted the importance of motorcycles, particularly for the underprivileged, saying that when their motorcycles or rickshaws were stolen, the victims suffered immensely. By depriving the people of their vehicles, the suspects had put the livelihood of the victims at stake.

Acknowledging the disruption caused by theft, the DPO had given top priority to the task of swift recovery of the stolen bikes. Assuring the people of continued action against the anti-social elements, Muhammad Naveed vowed to bring the suspects to justice.

He also commended all officers and the AVLC team for their role in the successful operation.

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