Triple murder over family feud – 24 Feb 2023

SARGODHA: Three members of a family were killed and another was injured by their opponent over a family dispute on Wednesday in the neighbourhood of Hussainabad, Sahiwal.

According to police, three gunmen, Heera Sohail, Nasir Abbas, and Muhammad Ashraf, shot at and killed lawyer Iqbal`s brother and mother, Mudasar Umar and Manzooran Bibi, and his brother-in-law, Nadeem Abbas, and injured Agha Preim. The suspects fled.

Investigations SP Anam Faryal and forensic experts visited the scene while the bodies were shifted to the mortuary for a postmortem examination. The injured was hospitalized in precarious condition.

The Sahiwal Tehsil Bar Association stayed away from courts and demanded the immediate arrest of the suspects, while the Sargodha Bar Association condemned the triple murder and announced a strike on Friday. The IG took notice of the brutal triple murder and sought a report from the regional police officer. Correspondent

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