Transperson injured over litigation – 09 May 2022

OKARA: A transperson was shot at and injured by seven suspects over litigation late on Saturday at village Kanoi Syedan.

The police said trans people Nadeem, alias Sahana, and Adeel, alias Shaheen, gave a dance performance at a fair in the village on DipalpurKasur Road where suspects Qalb Shah, Humayun and Sajjad Dogar with four unidentified accomplices shot at and injured Sahana.

Complainant Safdar Rashid got the medicolegal certiñcate of the injured person and got a case registered with the Hujra Shah Mugeem police.

Shana was referred to Lahore for his lifethreatening injuries.

Suspects were still at large.

CASE: A man got a case registered on the orders ofthe court.As per the FIR, complainant Ghulam Farid was allegedly threatened by suspect Ahmad Raza of consequences through phone calls.

The caller introduced himself as the activist of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan and asked the complainant to withdraw property-related cases pending in Dipalpur civil courts.

As the police were reluctant to take action, the complainant got an order from the court of the Dipalpur additional district and sessions judge for the Dipalpur City police to register a case against suspect Ahmad Raza.

A case was registered under section 25-D of the Telegraph Act of 1885.

DIES: A man, who was travelling on the rooftop of Farid Express died when his head was struck by overhead electricity wires near Parmanand village in Dipalpur.

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