Torture victim discharged from hospital

LAHORE: A victim of domestic violence, Rizwana, who had been treated at Lahore General Hospital for 18 weeks, was discharged from the hospital here on Wednesday.

Punjab caretaker Health Minister Prof Javed Akram told reporters that she underwent a total of 13 surgeries since her admission to the hospital.

He said Rizwana was brought from Sargodha in the domestic violence case when her employers – a civil judge and his wife – were accused of subjecting her to severe torture.

Prof Akram praised the efforts of the LGH medical team, the nurses and paramedics who played a pivotal role in the treatment. He said the girl was being handed over to the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau to take care of her. He said the government would take responsibility for all the expenses required for her healthcare, education and other needs.

Postgraduate Medical Institute and Ameeruddin Medical College Principal Prof Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar announced certificates of appreciation for the doctors, nurses and medical staff who treated Rizwana for 18 weeks.

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