Three women killed over domestic disputes – 11 Jun 2022

Separately, three others allegedly raped in Chak Jhumra

Three women were killed allegedly by their respective husbands over what the police said domestic disputes.

Mazhar Abbas, a resident of Street No. 4 in Mohalla Warispura, lodged a complaint with the Saddar Police Station in which he alleged that his sister, Fakhra Kulsoom, had been shot dead by her husband, Imran Zahid.

Abbas told the police that his sister had married Imran Zahid 13 years ago, and they had four children.

However, they were far from being a happily married couple. They frequently fought over one matter or the other, said the complainant. Abbas told the police that when his sister could take no more, she decided to separate from her husband and returned to her parent’s house two days ago.

Soon after, her husband Zahid Imran, along with Irfan Hussain and Shaheen Kausar, persuaded her to return to her family, and Fakhra gave in for the sake of her children and went back to her husband’s house. Abbas claimed in his complaint that her sister was shot dead by her husband Imran Zahid at four o’clock in the morning.

In another case, complainant Gulzar Ahmed, a resident of 497 GB, lodged a complaint with the police saying that his 27-year-old daughter, Nasira Bibi, and her husband Mujahid Iqbal had conflicts in their marital life resulting in her daughter leaving her husband’s house and returning to his house nine days ago.

Later, the accused Mujahid Iqbal came with the dignitaries of the area and signed on a stamp paper that he would now on take care of his daughter and that she would have no more complaints in future.

However, Mujahid Iqbal did not lived up to his promise and tortured his daughter when they went back to their house and killed her by tying a noose around her neck and locked her body up in a room and escaped. “When we were informed about it, we climbed over the wall and saw inside the house that my daughter was lying dead,” the complainant told the police. Police handed over the body to her heirs after postmortem and started raids for the accused.

In yet another incident of a similar nature, a Sahiwal resident Abdul Ghafoor lodged a complaint with the police, alleging that his son-in-law Asif, along with his brothers Murtaza and Mustafa, poisoned his daughter Zahran Bibi. She was rushed to a hospital where she died. Police registered a case against the accused.

Meanwhile, three women were raped in Chak Jhumra in separate incidents. Police were conducting raids for the accused after registering cases.

According to the police report, Waqar Ahmed, a resident of Canal Park, has taken a stand in the case registered with the Madina Town Police Station that the victim had been working in his house for over a year and was lured by accused Liaqat Ali who later allegedly raped her.

Accused Liaqat Ali was a close relative of the victim.

In a separate case, accused Amjad Ali barged into the house of the victim, a widow, and raped her at gunpoint, police said. Accused Sifarish, who had come to fetch clothes for sewing from the house of Zahoor Ahmed, a resident of Bhatti Colony area of the Saddar police station, found his daughter Nimrah alone in the house and raped her, police said.

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