Three teenagers among four raped in Khurrianwala – 18 Jul 2022

Suspects entered a house in Razaabad and kidnapped a teenage girl

Three teenagers and a woman were raped in Khurrianwala. The accused who allegedly raped the 14-year-old boy had also made a video of their immoral activities.

Rakhal Bibi filed a case with the police in which she stated that accused Nadeem Masih, an acquaintance of hers, allegedly raped her fourteen-year-old daughter by taking her to a fish farm when he had found her alone in the house.

Police said three accused, including Hanan, entered a house in Razaabad, kidnapped a teenage girl at gunpoint, took her to their hideout where Hanan allegedly raped the teenager while his two companions kept watch. According to police, accused Asim and others kidnapped a woman in 58 GB when the latter had gone out of home to buy some foodstuff.

The accused took the victim to an unknown place where Asim allegedly raped her. In yet another incident, police said that a fourteen-year-old boy was kidnapped from 253 RB, Samandari Road, by three people who took him to an unknown place where they gang-raped him and blackmailed him by making a video.

Police registered cases against the accused and started searching for them. Sexual violence unfortunately remains a common occurrence within Punjab. Earlier this month, a female bus passenger was allegedly raped by the conductor at a rest stop in Rajanpur. The bus was headed from Bhakkar to Karachi.

The 30-year-old victim, who was travelling alone, disembarked the bus when it stops at the Sada Aihar Hotel in Rajanpur. The bus conductor forced the woman into the back seat of the bus, where he allegedly raped her. A case was registered upon the complaint of the victim, with a medical examination confirming that she had been assaulted. The accused was arrested and confessed to the crime.

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