Three slaughtered by home intruders – 08 Sep 2022

Victims were reportedly drugged before their throats were slit

Three people, including a young woman, were killed by unidentified outlaws on Wednesday. Police said 60-year-old Sadiq Maseeh, his brother, 64-year-old Manzoor Maseeh and Sadiq’s 26-year-old daughter, Aneeqa, residents of Dome Colony, were at home when the accused entered the house and slit their throats with knives, before fleeing the scene.

As per details, Sadiq was living in the servant quarters of the residential Dome colony, located within the limits of Kandian police station. After not hearing from Sadiq, his close relative came to the colony to meet him. After informing the security agency deployed at colony’s main gate, the relative then headed towards Sadiq’s quarters.

However, when he reached Sadiq’s quarter, he discovered that the house was locked from outside and felt a bad smell when he eventually made entry. When he looked inside one of the rooms, he found the bodies of the three victims covered in blood. According to the police, the victims were drugged and their throats had been cut open.

As soon as the incident was reported, DPO Mianwali Muhammad Naveed and a contingent of police reached the crime scene. A forensic team collected evidence from the crime scene and sent it to the laboratory for analysis, while the bodies were shifted to the hospital by police, in order to complete medico-legal procedures. Police started investigating the incident and launched a search operation to apprehend the killers.

Regional Police Officer (RPO) Sargodha Muhammad Azhar Akram, taking notice of the incident, directed DPO Mianwali to identify the accused involved in the incident as soon as possible and arrest them.

News of this incident had spread like wildfire across the entire district, including Kandian, leaving locals mournful and terrified.

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