Three outlaws held after alleged encounters – 06 Nov 2022

The arrested accused were shifted to Jinnah Hospital

The Korangi Industrial Area and Etihad Town police arrested three bandits in injured condition during two police encounters and recovered weapons, mobile phones and cash from their possession.

According to the details, on the night between Friday and Saturday, in the Korangi EBM Causeway Road area, the police arrested two accused in injured condition after an alleged encounter. The arrested accused were shifted to Jinnah Hospital.

According to SHO KIA Aurangzeb Khattak, the injured robbers have been identified as Nadeem and Daniyal. Arms, a mobile phone, cash, a wallet and a motorcycle have been recovered from the injured robbers’ possession. He said that the arrested accused are involved in several street crime incidents. The previous criminal record of the arrested accused is also being checked.

On the other hand, Etihad Town police in the Abidabad area, after an exchange of fire, arrested a dacoit in an injured condition and recovered weapons from his possession while an accomplice of the arrested accused managed to escape from the spot.

According to Etihad Town Police, the arrested robber has been identified as Muhammad Akhtar, son of Fazal Muhammad, and the arrested accused belongs to the Swati gang. The arrested accused, along with his accomplices, shot and injured SHO Police Station Sir Syed Shahid Taj’s hand during a police encounter a few days ago. One accomplice of the accused was killed, while one was arrested in the said police encounter.

According to the preliminary investigation, the said Swati gang has committed more than 50 incidents across the city, while many cases have been registered against all the operatives of the said gang in different police stations in Karachi, and they have been arrested many times.

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