Three arrested over Lodhran exorcism video – 27 Jun 2022

Hundreds of spectators gathered for ritual

Police have registered a case and arrested three people after a video of a man hung upside down for exorcism in the presence of a crowd surfaced on the social media.

The video showed hundreds of people watching the man hung upside down in the Bhutijhi area.

The ritual is reportedly performed every year.

Qureshiwala police registered a case over the incident after the video went viral on the social media. The police also arrested three people over their suspected role in the incident.

The suspect Arshad was seen performing the ritual after hanging people upside down from a tree at the behest of Pir Qaiser Abbas and Kashif Abbas of Pir Jeewan Basti, a police official said.

District Police Officer Abdul Rauf Babar told reporters that further action would be taken said that action will be taken as per the law. He said strict action would be taken against such elements who mislead the citizens. The official said three of the suspects had been arrested but Pir Qaiser had not yet been apprehended.

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