Three arrested for allegedly raping boy – 11 Aug 2022

Police recover pistol from accused

Three men allegedly raped a 12-year-old boy, beat him up and dumped him in the fields near Afghan Refugee Camp No. 14 of Kot Najibullah, Panian on Wednesday.

Police said that after a few hours the boy gained consciousness, arrived home and informed his parents about his ordeal. His parents reached the police station and registered an case against the suspects.

SHO Najibullah Inspector Muhammad Arif Khan, along with his team, strategically arrested three suspects, recovered their motorcycles and a pistol used in the crime. Khan said that three suspects belong to Camp No. 16 and they were identified as Wasil, Samiullah, and Munawaar alias Manu.

Police have registered a case under section 377/364A/53CPA against them and launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) officials resolved the grave crisis by making sure that at least 10 to 12 grave slabs/ blocks remain available on an emergency basis for the graves of the employees and their family members.

These slabs will be available in the Jamia Masjid of Subra Colony as well as in the office of Main Colony 1, Civil Division.

As per the reports, there are a total of four graveyards located in the Left Bank Residential Colonies of Wapda Tarbela. Three of them are for the Muslims whereas one of them is for the Christian community, said the representatives of WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union Tarbela Water Wing. These cemeteries contain a large number of employees and their family members.

WAPDA provides blocks and slabs for these graves from its own budget on the demand of the union. However, these blocks and slabs are utilised due to which employees face difficulty during burial.

“We are grateful to Major General Mohammad Azam Joya, Chief Engineer Toresh Kumar, and Superintending Engineer Aftab Alam for solving this problem of WAPDA Employees, for issuing approval checks for grave material and for instructing all the engineers of Civil Division 1 & 2 for the availability of block/slab for grave and in case of unavailability, they would be responsible to provide the blocks/slabs”, an official said.

Moreover, the work of clearing the grass and wild bushes in these cemeteries also began a few days ago which would eventually clean the forests in the future too.

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