Teenage boy ‘sexually’ assaulted

RAWALPINDI: A teenager was allegedly sexually assaulted and abused within the vicinity of the Jatali police station. According to the police, the victim claimed to have gone to his uncle’s house. On the way, he came across Ayaz Mahmood, also aka Balla, Junaid alias Jedi, Ali and Ayaz. The victim said that Ali and Ayaz had sticks in their hands and started to beat him as soon as they saw him while others stood there holding weapons in their hands. He added that he suffered injuries on different parts of his body. They took him to their cattle farm and put him in ropes. Qasim then took out his video to record him, he added. They stripped him naked, stole his mobile phone, wallet and sexually assaulted him at gunpoint. A case has been registered and further investigation is under way. OUR CORRESPONDENT

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