SZMCH principal, MS summoned in harassment case – 15 Sep 2022

RAHIM YAR KHAN: The provincial ombudsperson has ordered the Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital (SZMCH) principal, medical superintendent (MS) and two other doctors to appear in person at its Lahore ofhce on Sept 15 (today).

A letter No.WOP/11552/2022/198 dated 9-92022 says principal SZMCH Dr Saaleem Laghari, MS Dr Agha Tuheed, Dr Iqbal Malik and Dr Amir Hamid are again directed to appear in person because a complaint of harassment has been submitted by Dr Farhana Khalid (DMS) under the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the WorkplaceAct 2010 as adapted with amendments by the Punjab (Amendment) Act III of 2013.

In case of non-appearamce, the case will be decided ex parte.

Similarly a letter No. 181 was also written on Sept 2 in which chairperson committee for harassment against women Dr Shazia Majid, MS Dr Agha Tuheed, Dr Mushtaq Azmi, Dr Iqbal Malik and Dr Amir Hamid were ordered to appear on Sept 9, 2022.

In the last week of August, Ombudsperson Nabila Khan had visited SZMCH for a seminar on harassment against women and their property rights where Dr Farhana raised the issue after which Ms Khan met her alone and assured her of action.

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