Swat writers pledge to continue raising voice against terrorism – 08 Nov 2022

SWAT: The local writers said that they backed the civil society members to launch a peace movement in Swat and would stand with them through thick and thin.

They were speaking at a poetry recitation session titled ‘Swat Amn Mushaira’ in Mingora. The event was organised by Matka Spot, Elum Adabi Tolana and Swat Youth Affairs. Renowned Pashto poets Hanif Qais chaired the event and Fayaz Zafar was chief guest on the occasion.

Advocate Attaullah Jan, Usman Ulasyar, Zafar Ali Naz, Dr Attaur Rehman Atta, Dr Hamdard Yousafzai, Sardarzeb, Hussain Ali Parwana, Ihsan Yousafzai, Samiullah Gran and other poets recited their poems featuring peace, resistance and protests.

The poets, through their poems, highlighted the bravery of the people of Swat for resisting terrorists. They said that poets and writers observed every incident in the society and then presented the same through their writings.

“Poets and writers have played a key role in developing the minds of the youth to achieve their goals in a positive way. The poets and writers perceive the injustices in Swat. We are standing with our youth to support them in the sacred cause of peace,” said Usman Ulasyar.

Advocate Attaullah Jan, a critic and poet, said that the people of Swat had to discuss their issues in seminars and other literary circles so that their spirit for peace and hatred of terrorism remained intact.

“The recent uprising by the people of Swat, especially by the youth against the anti-civilisation, anti-education and anti-peace elements, is a manifestation of their belief that progress and development can only be achieved through peace,” he said.

The speakers said that if the people of Swat did not raise their voice against the terrorists, it would be catastrophic. “Once again, the same elements wanted to install terrorism in Swat, but thankfully, this time, the people of Swat said no to terrorism and all the forces behind them. The efforts and resistance of the people failed the obnoxious attempt, and luckily we have peace in Swat now,” said Fayaz Zafar.

The poets and writers paid tribute to people for standing united against terrorists and said that they would produce literature of resistance and publish them against terrorists and their supporters.

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