Surging crime in Lahore

Independent observers lay blame on negligence, incompetence of Lahore police.

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, has found itself grappling with a distressing surge in crime. In the past few days alone, a staggering 550 crime incidents have been reported in the city, raising urgent concerns about the safety and security of its residents.

The police and independent experts have contrasting views over the root cause of this alarming surge. While the police attribute it to the prevailing economic crisis, independent observers lay the blame on the negligence and incompetence of the Lahore police. One of the notable spikes in criminal activities involves the daily stealing of over 150 bikes across various parts of the city. Experts point to the skyrocketing prices of motorbikes due to high inflation, making them an attractive target for criminals. This economic landscape has created a market for criminals to sell stolen bikes with relative ease. Moreover, street crimes have reached unprecedented levels, with armed men committing 15,504 incidents during the first nine months of 2023, compared to 12,284 last year. Motorbike snatching has surged to 1,308 incidents, while bike thefts and general thefts have also witnessed an alarming increase. The situation paints a bleak picture of the current state of law and order in Lahore.

Whether the surge is a consequence of the economic crisis or the alleged incompetence of the police, urgent measures are required to address this concerning trend. The safety of citizens is paramount, and collaborative efforts between law enforcement, policymakers and the community are crucial to curb this surge and restore a sense of security in the city. The statistics are beyond just numbers and represent the safety and well-being of Lahore’s residents.

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