‘Suicide’ turns out to be honour killing

Man allegedly guns down sister after suspecting her of infidelity.

DIJKOT: A man allegedly shot his sister dead upon suspicion of adultery on Saturday.

The deceased’s mother, father and sister reportedly washed away the blood, calling the murder a suicide. The police registered a case and took the victim’s father, son, mother and daughter into custody and started an investigation.

According to the police report, Sub-Inspector Mohammad Maqsood Shahid stated in his complaint that he was patrolling in an official vehicle when police received a report that Adil, a resident of Chak No-147 GB, allegedly shot and killed his younger sister Amina Sami in the name of honour in their house and that her mother Bushra and sister Maria Sami washed the crime scene and destroyed the evidence.

When SI Shahid reached the scene, the victim’s father tried to cover up the incident by claiming that Amna Sami had committed suicide. After inspecting the crime scene, it was found that the body was placed on a cot to wash the blood off of the floor. The murder weapons was also absent at the crime scene. It was widely reported by local residents that Ayaz shot and killed Amna Sami in the name of honour and his mother and sister had washed away all the evidence. They and the victim’s father, Samiullah, were charged with tampering with the evidence of a serious crime.

Sahianwala police registered a case and detained the four suspect, beginning the process of interrogation.

In October of last year, a man allegedly shot and killed his sister and former brother-in-law in Jaranwala before fleeing the scene. Police took the bodies of the two victims into custody and shifted them to a hospital. Raids to find the absconding accused, who allegedly committed the act for honour.

According to details, 26-year-old Mehboob Alam came to meet his ex-wife, 25-year-old Ayesha Kanwal, at her house on Saturday. Both of them were sitting and talking when Ayesha Kanwal’s brother Sajjad also came to the house. When he saw both of them together, he reportedly became enraged and allegedly gunned both of them down on the spot. He then escaped from the house.

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