Street crimes continue to rise in Karachi – 09 Nov 2022

CPLC releases report on statistics of crimes in the month of October, this year

The incidents of snatching and stealing motorcycles at gunpoint in the city could not be reduced, whereas more vehicle theft cases have been reported in Karachi in the month of October compared to the previous months.

The Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) released a report on the statistics of crimes in the month of October, this year.

According to the CPLC report, 7576 incidents of street crime were reported while armed robbers deprived 2,260 citizens of their mobile phones at gunpoint in previous month. The report said that 446 motorcycles were being snatched from the possession of citizens, whereas 4,659 motorcycles reported stolen.

Similarly, eight vehicles were being snatched from the citizens at gunpoint, while 203 vehicles were stolen by in car thefts incidents.

According to CPLC officials, less motorcycle theft incidents have been reported as compare to the previous month of September.

The report said that car lifters were able to lift 169 vehicles in the month of September, while this number has increased by 34 extra vehicles thefts in the month of October. Moreover, two incidents of kidnapping for ransom and extortion were reported in the month of October, while 57 people lost their lives in various incidents of murder and looting.

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