Store employee abducted – 01 Mar 2023

LAHORE: A 16-year-old boy was allegedly abducted after a group of suspects attacked a store in Kahna area on Tuesday. Reportedly, the suspects carrying fire arms entered into the place, they targeted the store, vandalised valuables, tortured people and abducted an employee identified as Haider. A complaint has been filed before police. the investigations into the matter were underway. In another incident, the suspect riding a luxury vehicle and torturing a store owner has been arrested by Faisal Town police. The arrested suspect has been identified as Kashif. A video was reported in which a suspect riding a land cruiser while drunk hurls abuses and tortured the victim. a complaint was launched by the victim Umar Zia. police taking the cognizance of the matter arrested the suspect and were investigating the matter further. OUR CORRESPONDENT

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