Sorry tale of a hospital maid

RAWALPINDI: A station house officer (SHO) of the women police station was transferred to Police Lines whereas the muharrar was dismissed from service after money was stolen from the bag of a complainant who had visited the police station to register a complaint. The money remains missing to date.

The victim, who works at a hospital as a maid, had to borrow money to pay her electricity bill with a surcharge after she lost the amount at the police station, allegedly taken by the SHO. Despite the passage of several weeks and two inquiries, she still awaits the recovery.

The removal of Irum Khanum from the post of SHO came about after an inquiry was ordered by Regional Police Officer (RPO) Syed Khurram Ali on the complaint of the muharrar and the victim.

The inquiry ordered by RPO was conducted by AIG Regional Investigation Branch (RIB) Arif Shahbaz Khan who interviewed the SHO, muharrar and the victim and found the two police officers guilty.

The victim informed the investigation branch that the SHO used different tactics, including intimidation, to coerce her to withdrawthe complaint against her and she was even willing to pay back more money than her stolen amount.

The hospital maid, who lives in a rented house, was not even secure inside her house after some unidentified persons visited her residence and her workplace posing as police officials to convince her to patch up with the police official.

However, the inquiry found that the muharrar and the SHO were guilty of using social media to damage each other`s reputation and taking advantage of one another with the help of CCTV footage rather than reporting the incident to their senior officials.

Additionally, the SHO was unable to prove that the victim was a relative of Muharrar Aneeta. The SHO and muharrar of the police station had written reports against each other in the roznamcha (daily diary) of the police station, it emerged in the inquiry.

Prior to the Regional Investigation Branch inquiry, a departmental inquiry had been conducted by the SP Head quarters in which Muharrar Anita Naseem was dismissed from service by the city police officer.

However, the muharrar on October 23 filed a complaint with RPO Syed Khurram Ali, who appointed AIG Arif Shahbaz Khan of the Regional Investigation Branch to probe thecomplaint.

In a report registered with the police on October 12, Anita Naseem said the victim visited the police station and met the SHO in connection with a complaint against her late husband`s brother. In fact, she had appeared before the CPO in an open kutchery and filed a complaint against her late husband`s brother, but she was referred to the women police station.

After her meeting with the SHO, she forgot to pick up her purse.

Later, she returned but did not find the purse. She continued asking the police officials for her purse, the report said.

According to the muharrar, the CCTV footage allegedly showed the SHO taking money from the purse, but the SHO denied that she had seen any purse.

The report added that the SHO asked the muharrar to remain silent about the incident and threatened that she would remove her from the post if she snitched.

The maid, who approached the CPO to get justice in a different case, visited the women police station twice, lost her hard-earned money and faced inquiries one after another, but neither she got justice nor was she able to get back her stolen money.

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