Slain man dragged around town – 09 May 2023

Victim allegedly killed by maternal uncle over property dispute

A man allegedly gunned down his nephew with the help of his accomplices over a land dispute in Dogran Khajurwala village in Okara on Monday, police said.

After the murder, the accused tied the victim’s body to a motorcycle and dragged it around the area, they said.

The suspects escaped, and police were conducting raids to arrest them.

The incident occurred in Dogran Khajurwala, where Abdul Razzaq had been allegedly killed by his maternal uncle, Saye Khan, police said. They said the main suspect, along with Hakim Ali, Javed and others, had had a land dispute with Abdul Razzaq.

The police from Hujra Shah Muqeem Police Station arrived at the crime scene and shifted the body to the hospital for a postmortem examination.

Taking notice of the incident, DPO Mansoor Aman issued an order for the immediate arrest of the suspects. He said that there had been a dispute between deceased Abdul Razzaq and his maternal uncle over an inherited land.

Both the parties had been previously dealt with as per the law. The DPO also revealed that the accused had been released on bail a day earlier, and another scuffle had occurred between the parties on the following day, in which the suspect opened fire on his nephew.

Last month, a woman, Abida, and her mother were shot dead allegedly in the name of honour in the area of Shergarh Police Station in Okara. Police had arrested the suspects, who happened to be the slain woman’s husband and his father.

A case had been registered by the Shergarh Police Station on the complaint of slain Abida’s aunt.

According to DPO Mansoor Aman, the police received information that two women had been shot dead in 23/D area of Shergarh.

ASP Munnaza Karamat, along with a heavy contingent of police, was dispatched to the crime scene to get a first-hand account of what had transpired.

According to the FIR, the women had been murdered due to a property dispute, but SHO Hakim Jahanzaib said that police’s initial investigations showed that the women were allegedly killed in the name of honour.

Police said that Abida had married Arshad who worked as a security guard. They had had three children. They said Arshad and Abida both worked in Lahore.

Arshad somehow began suspecting his wife of having an affair. With the passage of time he became more and more paranoid. Until he could take it no more, he decided to send Abida back to the village.

Complying with her husband’s wishes, Abida went back to the village and started living with her stepmother, Ashran Bibi.

Meanwhile, Arshad learnt from a source that his wife was still “having an illicit relationship with someone” and his mother-in-law fully supported Abida.

Police said that this was the motive that prompted Arshad to allegedly kill his wife “in the name of honour” while she had been busy working in the fields.

Later, he also allegedly killed his mother-in-law Ashran Bibi and escaped.

DPO Mansoor Aman, taking notice of the killing of the two women, had formed a team headed by the ASP of Renala Khurd, Munnaza Karamat. On the instructions of ASP Munnaza Karamat, the SHO of Shergarh, Jahanzaib Hakim, along with a police party, managed to track down the suspect and arrested him along with his father.

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