Sikh seeks police protection for his community

RAWALPINDI: A Sikh `Hakeem` has sought police protection for his community after alleging that he had received a threatening letter from an unidentified person while going to Taxila from Saddar.

Ram Singh, a resident of Dhoke Maskeen Hassanabdal lodged an FIR with the Cantt police saying that he is practicing herbal medicine at Sohan Highway. Some one-and-a-half months ago he boarded a passenger wagon from Saddar for Taxila.

He said as the wagon stopped at Peshawar Road after crossing a traffic signal, a motorcycle with two persons riding on it stopped close to the wagon. He said that themotorcycle riders threw a letter into his lap and sped off.

Mr Ram said while reading the letter that they would soon end Sikhs in Hazro, Hassanabdal, Taxila, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

`This is a muslim country not that of Sikh`s`.

He further said in the FIR that they would send such letters to Hassanabad and be ready for the consequences.

Ram said later he went to his community and showed them the letter but he was advised not to file a police complaint due to which he did not attempt to lodge a complaint on any forum.

Since their whole community is under life threat, therefore, he decided to lodge an FIR .

Following Ram`s complaint, the Cantt police registered an FIR on Tuesday and launched an investigation. Staff Reporter

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