Severed head’s identity remains mystery in Gujranwala – 17 Jul 2022

Police say the head is of a young man probably in his twenties

Police are investigating an incident where the severed head of an unidentified man was discovered in a garbage heap. They stated that help is being sought from NADRA to ascertain the identity of the victim using a facial recognition software. A team was sent to Islamabad for this app, while calls were also received from Rawalpindi and Faisalabad regarding missing children with a similar face to the victim. A case was registered.

However, the victim does not seem to be a resident of Gujranwala.

Two policemen were dispatched on an out-of-the-ordinary assignment in Gujranwala the other day.

Their task was to verify the information police got from a citizen who called from the Commissioner’s Road, telling the Civil Line Police Station that a human being’s severed head had been spotted in a heap of garbage near Kacha Fatomand Road Chawk.

The two policemen found nothing and wondered if the call received from the citizen was a hoax.

However, shopkeepers in the area confirmed that the severed head had really been there.

So if it was there then where had it disappeared into? Wondered the baffled policemen and asked their police station to dispatch a full-fledged team.

The team arrived under a heavy spell of rain when the Commissioner’s Road looked like a river.

Bracing the inclement weather, a search operation was launched under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police, Usman Tipu, and the Station House Officer, Mudassir Butt.

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